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Welcome to Quick Data where we provide you with data requested by our partners and users. Every month, we will highlight our project results based on requests from our users. Enter your data question below to have it represented in our next month’s Quick Data. 

February Quick Data Highlight

How Many Waivers Active from 2014-2022 Offered Opportunities for Self-Direction?

To provide an answer to the question, the project performed a preliminary analysis of the active HCBS waivers between 2014-2022 across the states to see how many waivers listed self-directed as an option. Out of the 83 waivers who said yes to the self-direction, 15 utilized only employer authority, 0 utilized only budget authority, and 68 utilized both authorities. We sourced our preliminary waiver data from 48 states, with the exception of Arizona, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Infographic depicting the total number of waivers provided for self-direction between 2014-2022

View a downloadable PDF version of this data bite by clicking here!

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