Create a XD Chart

Creating Charts for Fiscal Year 2013

You can create two types of charts:

A) to compare one or multiple states or regions; or B) to compare by disability group (I/DD, mental health, physical disability) within one state or region.

For a chart of multiple states or regions:

1. First select the type of data to compare,

2. Then choose whether to sort alphabetically, from low to high, or from high to low.

3. Complete the selection by choosing all states and all regions or other selected groups of states/regions.

Create Chart

For the second type of chart comparing within a state/region, first select the type of data to display. Then select a single state or region. The resulting chart will compare I/DD, mental health, and physical disability for the selected type of data and selected state/region. A new type of chart of compares average annual cost of care for adjusted total disability spending during 1997-2013, by disability group. 

Create Chart

Right click on the chart to print.

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